The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail 2.0, The Huffington Post & Novel Deal

After being out of print for the last few months, my poetry collection, The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail, which was shortlisted for the 2012 Believer Poetry Award, is coming back in print! Thanks to Write Bloody Publishing, the book (now with pictures!) will be re-released on October 1st.

It is now available for pre-order over at Amazon.

If you don’t want to wait until October, you can get a copy through me because I’ve got them, & they are pretty. The price is $16/which includes (domestic) shipping. (If you’re international, it’ll be a few dollars more.) If interested, shoot me an email: jesuis (dot) gregory (at) gmail (dot) com. Would love to hear from you.



I was recently interviewed over at The Huffington Post about my my most recent collection, Monogamy Songs, as well as poetry in general. In the interview, I say things like “Sex is awesome. Poetry is awesome. Shouldn’t the two go together?” & Writing should be a little bit grainy, it should be a little bit raw. It should be every single thing flowing inside of us, and most of it isn’t pretty.” & “There is never enough fucking in poetry. Less birds, more fucking.”

If you feel so inclined, you can read my interview here.



A few months ago, my debut novel, The Future for Curious People (written in participation with Julianna Baggott) sold to Algonquin Books. It will be released in the fall of 2014. It also sold in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the UK. I do believe you will love it!

You can read a bit about the The Future for Curious People here.

AWP, Boston, Events You Need to Know that I Need You to Know About Them

So I have some things going on at AWP & maybe you will come to one or all of them. Maybe you will bring your friends, that would be cool.


–I am signing copies of Monogamy Songs at The Good Men Project/Guernica table from 3-4. Books are $10. (Table P12) Or, if you already have yourself a copy, bring it. We can play tic-tac-toe.


–I am signing copies of The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail at the Mud Luscious Press/Dzanc Books table from 11-12. (Table Q6)



–Then, I’ll be signing again, this time for Monogamy Songs at the Small Press Distribution booths (414/415) from 2-3.

–At night, that Friday, I will be reading for YesYes Books during the Ampersand, Enging, & YesYes Books reading at McGreevy’s Irish Pub. Come! I will say very dirty things, & do my best to make my girlfriend blush. We will drink beer! I will have copies of Monogamy Songs on hand.



If we are Internet writer friends & you will be at AWP, I would love to meet you. Let’s make it happen.

2012 Believer Poetry Award Shortlist

I really can’t believe this. I mean, just…yeah. so, my poetry collection, The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail, has been shortlisted for the 2012 Believer Poetry Award. It’s an incredible honor. The other nominees are Samuel Amadon, James Arthur, Emily Pettit, & Sun Yung Shin. I’m beyond humbled to be included in such company. & I’d like to thank everyone who has purchased a copy of The Oregon Trail, helping keep it alive & moving for over a year now. It means mountaintops.

If you haven’t picked up The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail & totally want to, you can snag a copy here, here, or here.



Monogamy Songs Press #2 & New Poem Published & the Birth of SAD BOY

The second & third reviews of Monogamy Songs have found their way into the world, & both reviews seem pretty positive. The first one can be found at Word Riot, & the second over at Glorified Love Letters. Check check check it.

& as always, you can buy Monogamy Songs here, here, here, or here.

Monogamy Songs is now also available as an e-book.

The inaugural issue of Swarm Quarterly is live, & I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it. Click the link that is long & blue to read my poem, “Superhero Poem.” & then, click here to read a short interview I did with Dillon Welch, one of the four editors (just scroll down a little).


Megan Laurel & I have started a weekly webcomic called Sad Boy. If everything goes according to plan, it will be updated every Sunday. I hope you click over & like it & then like it even more & more & then share it with everyone you know & everyone you will soon know.

Thank you for being my friends.

Monogamy Songs Press #1 & New Poem Published

The first review of Monogamy Songs has been published, & it’s in The Monitor, the newspaper based in the Rio Grande Valley. I’m talking about Texas, the part that is so close to Mexico that maybe it is Mexico. This is partly in support of the college visit & reading I will be doing there in late February. The review is very blush blush, & you can read the online version here.

Choice quote: “Distilling vulnerability, depression, sexuality and ennui, his chapbooks and collections give poignant voice to a whole generation of pop-culture-obsessed, cereal-swilling, unmoored young men.”

Over at Monkeybicycle, a short interview led by J.A. Tyler, where I say things like “Monogamy Songs is a hip-hop record. It is Hologram Tupac’s abs. It’s the fuzzy leg feeling when you’re laying in bed with the taste of a little too much NyQuil on the back of your tongue.”

The winter issue of Sixth Finch out &, as usual, it’s fantastic. & i’m not just saying that because I have a poem in the issue. I’m serious — go read the whole thing here. It’s damn good candy.

HTMLGIANT does one of their “25 Points” about Monogamy Songs. You can read that here.

Choice cut: “I wonder if I would cry if I did hang out with Gregory Sherl.”

& if you feel so inclined, you can order the book from Amazon, Powell’s, SPD, or straight from the publisher.

Or if you’d like a signed copy from me, I’m selling them for $13 (which includes shipping) through Paypal. My username is

Image(Photo taken on the streets of New York, courtesy of Lynn Melnick)

Be kind, pretty hearts.

Monogamy Songs.

Today (January 15th of the year 2013), marks the official release of my new poetry collection, Monogamy Songs. To commemorate, my publisher, Future Tense Books is giving away a free bonus book with all orders of Monogamy Songs, today only. You can order it from their website for a breezy $11.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can also snag a copy at Powell’s, SPD, or Amazon — though I am always one to push for the support by picking up a copy through the publisher.

Also also, I am selling signed copies for $13 (includes shipping, if it’s stateside — a couple dollars more for overseas shipments) through Paypal. I don’t have a button (yet), but you can email me at & we’ll work out all of the noise. the email is also my Paypal account, so you could send monies directly to there & I’ll get the book to you in the next few days.

Happy 2013!

A few choice cuts from Monogamy Songs:

Three short memoirs at The Collagist.

“Never Have I Ever” & “Village Poem” at Diode.

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